What Sets the New Generation ClearFire-CE Boiler Apart? 

ClearFire-CE Boiler Installation

The ClearFire-CE technology has been around for over 2 decades, but Cleaver-Brooks’ New Generation ClearFire-CE includes enhancements that contribute to increasing efficiencies and sustainability. 

The compact, high-mass, fully condensing hydronic boiler available up to 6000 MBTU.   We will take you through what sets this boiler apart from the rest in the industry.

Enhanced Efficiency 

5 times the heating surface with TurboFer heat Exchanger -The TurboFer design starts with a duplex stainless steel tube die-fitted with an inner (fireside) aluminum-alloy finned heating surface. The top of the tube is then pressed together producing a smaller cross-sectional area that increases flue gas velocity and turbulence. The flue gases speed up, creating a swirling effect, which leads to superior heat transfer in a compact footprint.

The Dual Return design helps it achieve optimal condensing performance, even in applications with non-condensing temperature heating loops, resulting in 6%+ increases in system efficiency.

Integrated Controls enable built-in ability to control lead-lag, outside air temperature reset, automatic isolation valves, primary pumps, and BAS integration, enabling seamless design and functionality.  The controls have redundant host functionality. BACnet is included as standard, and true ∆T pump speed control means there are many built-in features to support different system requirements.

Minimize cycling with 10:1 fully modulating turndown and integrated lead-leg controls intelligently sequence and modulate up to 8 boilers.  This turndown is achieved with the boiler operating efficiently across the entire firing range by keeping excess air levels consistent. Additionally, minimal moving parts simplify maintenance and provide repeatable combustion performance.

Environmentally Conscious

The ClearFire-CE can operate on renewable natural gas or a hydrogen and natural gas blend of up to 20% hydrogen.  The burner design offers 20 ppm NOx standard and 7 ppm NOx optional.

The duplex stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance to flue gas condensate and chloride stress cracking. Additionally, with large-water volume pressure vessel with low waterside pressure drop reduces pumping energy. 

Quick Replacement 

The Design Package makes it easy to incorporate our hydronic boilers into a new construction project or a retrofit design.  The ClearFire-CE is ideal for office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, building heat, manufacturing processes, and more.  Cleaver-Brooks offers visuals and content such as:

  • Parametric Revit model with all sizes in one file as well as commonly selected options.
  • System schematic  AutoCAD drawings for a variable-flow primary system
  • 3D system isometrics pdfs to see how the systems are generally installed 
  • Specs

Why Operators Prefer ClearFire-CE 

  • Easy to operate – simple color touchscreen user interface with 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Easy to maintain – hinged burner door for easy inspection and maintenance access

Frank I. Rounds is an Authorized Cleaver-Brooks Representative. Our sales team has decades of application experience.  Contact us or call us at 800-696-6440.