Water Treatment with a Guarantee

Boiler Feedwater Water Treatment

Frank I. Rounds offers a unique limited boiler water treatment guarantee giving end-users peace-of-mind that their boiler and related systems will operate reliably and safely. Since our technicians and boilermakers have factory-direct equipment expertise, who better to manage water treatment to ensure your equipment operates properly, efficiently and safely.  

Why Frank I. Rounds?

One of the biggest advantages of Water Treatment with Frank I. Rounds is total accountability.  Professional service and support combined with the right chemical program will result in the best customer service experience and system results. And when you have questions, there is one contact to support you. 

Each facilities’ system is unique, requiring a survey of your system to develop a program that is specific to your needs.  Once implemented, chemical testing and equipment evaluation is a continuous process.

Our Guarantees 

  • Should boiler tubes fail during the guarantee term, tubes will be replaced at no cost to the owner 
  • Should the boiler equipment waterside of any heat transfer surface require chemical cleaning during the guarantee term Frank I. Rounds will perform the cleaning at no cost 
  • We offer guarantees for new equipment installation projects

Above and beyond guarantees, a water treatment program prevents corrosion, scale and other deposit formation and oxygen pitting against your pressure vessel. 

We are a full-service water treatment company. In addition to boiler systems, we service and support water treatment programs to control microbiological growth in cooling towers and closed-loop hot water systems.   

Water Treatment for Boiler Systems

We can design, specify, startup and configure a complete chemical feed and control system for your boiler. Controls make chemical feed systems hands-free and monitor the boiler and all it’s parameters around the clock. Meanwhile, chemical pumps meet the chemical demand to ensure proper treatment levels. 

Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

Our Cooling Tower program is site-specific to protect against deposits that can reduce your system energy efficiency, inhibitors to protect against corrosion and biocides to combat microbiological fouling to prevent biofilm, a culprit for Legionella.  

Closed Loop Programs

Our closed-loop program will protect your closed hot or chilled water system from corrosion and deposits.

Contact John at johnb@frounds.com in our Water Treatment Group for a free system evaluation or contact us with questions.