Outstanding Boiler Service for Optimal Boiler Efficiency with DECAS Cranberry

Decas Cranberry

We sat down with our customer Mike Janick of DECAS Cranberry to discuss the product upgrades and service we provided to them to increase their operational efficiency through boiler room upgrades.  

The boiler is the heartbeat of the plant

Frank I. Rounds recommends boiler equipment upgrades that save Decas Cranberry on fuel usage and increase efficiency which allowed them to expand their production.  The Hawk boiler control electronically monitors and adjusts the burner operation to the plant’s demands.  All around, efficiencies are created with the boiler operation and the boiler operator’s time, because the Hawk Control supports monitoring. 

Mike also discussed our outstanding relationship with DECAS Cranberry in addition to the top-level service we provide. Check out the trailer or the full-length video below.

Let’s take you into DECAS Cranberry