Underground Pumps

Are you aware that Shipco is the only manufacturer of a centrifugal underground style bronze fitted pump “Model U” that can handle temperature above 200 degrees?   It is equipped with industry standard motors available in 1 phase or 3 phase.  Using our patented design (U.S. Patent #4,932,846), the Model U pump is more durable and simpler than other pump designs which often have chronic lower bearing failure. 

In fact, keep 2 feet of water above the Model U pump suction and the pump can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees.  In addition, Shipco  can make the pump column using stainless steel or black steel and the depth is adjustable from as shallow as 6 inches deep up to 27 feet deep. 

Shipco can place the Model U pump and motor assembly on any type of tank (DS, DC, EMV, CS, SHM) that is Cast Iron; stainless steel; or black steel.  Consider the Shipco Model U pump— just another way of being flexible and to make additional sales and profits.  Shipco and Frank I. Rounds Co., putting the “custom” in Customer!!!