The Advantages of Tankless Water Heating Systems

Intellihot i250 water heater

With the numerous options and designs of water heating systems, why choose tankless?  Tankless water heaters only require enough power to heat the amount of water necessary at any given moment, so they are more efficient and save on energy costs. Compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters, tankless units have lower capital and operating costs. Upon purchasing, be sure to take advantage of the federal tax rebate most tankless units qualify for.  

The Intellihot i200 and I250

If space in an issue, compact wall hung units like Intellihot i200 and i250, can free up floor space and get installed in tight spaces. These commercial grade units are constructed with a 316 L stainless steel heat exchanger and designed for durability and reliability with built-in redundancy. Intellihot water heaters are ideal for applications like apartments, hotels and commercial kitchens where demand of potable hot water often fluctuates.

Independent Operation

All of Intellihot’s commercial hybrid water heaters can operate autonomously. In a configuration when multiple units work together to increase capacity and each unit operates independently, meaning there is no requirement for a master controller.  In the event that a single unit would need to be serviced, the system will still function smoothly and provide continuous hot water.

Piping Advantages

Another benefit. You can replace a tank-type power vented water heater with an Intellihot tankless model without changing the gas piping or existing plastic venting. Other manufacturers have to offer smaller BTU/h units to work on smaller gas lines, which means less hot water.   


Intellihot has estimating tools to help guide your cost savings. 

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