Sustain Boiler Efficiency with Refractory Maintenance

Frank I Rounds Boiler Refractory Repair

Proper boiler maintenance is essential to prevent heat loss and maintain boiler efficiency. It’s essential to have good combustion efficiency in order to get the most out of your fuel. One way to make sure that your boiler is performing at optimum efficiency is to ensure your refractories are in solid condition to hold heat and prevent thermal loss during the combustion process. Cracked or aged refractory can fall or sag causing excessive heat loss and flame impingement. Additionally, refractories help maintain heat in the boiler even when it is not firing, meaning, the next time the boiler fires you are utilizing the energy within the boiler.

Signs of Deterioration

It’s important to replace refractory when it starts to deteriorate.  Issues with your boiler’s refractory may include cracking, difficulty with refractory doors, pressure vessel leaks, or damaged seal joints and holes. Any sign of damage or drops in performance may indicate that a refractory repair is in order. If you suspect there may be an issue with your boiler’s refractory, reach out to the experienced service group at Frank I. Rounds Co.

Our team members are highly trained and experienced in boiler inspections and refractory repair regardless of the make or model of your boiler.  From materials to installation, we can get you back up and running quickly.

Contact our service department for a boiler evaluation to uncover energy-saving repairs.