Stainless Steel

Are you aware Shipco makes an all Stainless Steel units for the dairy or food processing industry?  Yes, it’s true, we do!  The market for these units exists where there is usage of certain chemicals for washing down the process area.  In these industrial process environments, EVERYTHING needs to be stainless steel.  Shipco uses minimum 304L SS and 316 L SS is available too.  

This special process unit includes SS pumps with washdown duty motors, NEMA 4x SS panels, and SS probes for level controls.  Shipco also provides SS accessories like SS isolation valves, SS basket strainers, SS solenoid valves, and SS thermometers.  No one else in the United States assembles a unit like this!  Moreover, for a nominal adder, you can even have your unit buffed instead of painted.   

You will save money, time, and space by not having to build protective walls around the condensate handling equipment.  Finally, Shipco can even mount the entire unit (pump and receiver) on a 4” stand so as to be able to clean under the unit. 

Shipco and Frank I. Rounds Co. — Putting the “custom” in customer!!!