Stainless Steel

Shipco offers a complete two-compartment deaerator in 304L and 316L stainless steel. This is possible with both the atmospheric or pressurized designs.  On the pressurized design, the material thickness will be governed by ASME code requirements.

Remember, it is critically important to protect the surge tank side of a two-compartment deaerator.  The surge side is vented to atmosphere and is very susceptible to corrosion as opposed to the DA side.  Using 316L can provide the level of protection you need to extend the life of this receiver. 

In addition, Shipco can do a single compartment DA’s and Surge Tanks in all 316L or 304L stainless steelPerfect for DI and RO water applications where everything touching liquid needs to be Stainless Steel. In addition, this is vitally important in applications where customers do not operate their steam systems on a 24/7 basis would be protected from corrosion during their “off times”!  This can also have the added benefit of providing additional protection to your boiler on start up.  ***Of course Shipco recommends operating your DA without disruption to maximize the effectiveness of the mechanical deaeration process.***      

Please note: Systems that contain chlorides or other chemicals ending in “-ide” can cause premature failure in the stainless steel!

 One last thought for practical application:  A boilerfeed unit or a deaerator for a rental boiler – stainless steel receivers will NOT corrode as a black steel tank would between rental periods.