Shipco – Tank Models to Fit All of Your Needs

Are you aware Shipco makes model FT units that can be used as air break tanks in steam and/or hot water heating systems?  Visit our website to see our bulletin (  As a special note, Shipco as we all know can make any modification to any size and material to fit your application.  (Cast iron, 304L & 316L SS are options)  

 In addition, these same units can be utilized as glycol fill tanks.  Just another way we offer customizable Shipco products to sell for specific applications. 

 Finally, Shipco offers discharge chemical feeders (DCF), Flash Recovery Units (FRV), Flash Tanks (Model VFT & HFT) and Blow Down Separators and Tanks (model BDS and BDT units) to help complete your package of boiler room products