Shipco Pump Warranty

Are you aware Shipco offers a no hassle warranty on our products pump and motor assemblies? We will fix the problem and move on regardless of fault. Shipco does not throw stones. In most cases, we do not require a purchase order prior to examining the pump or repairing the pump.

 Shipco has improved the turn around time on all repairs by restructuring our return procedures for maximum administrative efficiency.  The main reason we are in business is to sell our pumps, not to spend valuable time haggling over warranty issues. 

 Additionally, Shipco offers a Certified Test Report on all pumps FREE of charge!!!  Shipco also offers a witness test and/or an actual NPSH test on your pump. No one else in the condensate industry offers these options free.

 Finally, Shipco provides an automatic flow control valve on every pump rated 75 PSIG or higher just to keep the pump on curve and prevent your pump from running out on the curve and being destroyed.  This saves all of us on warranty issues related to poor pump installations.