Water Treatment

Single point water treatment responsibility ensures that your high-performance boiler equipment is maintained to manufacturer standards

Boiler Room Equipment
  • OSHA approved double wall containment chemical tanks
  • A full line of modern all-in-one chemical controllers
  • A wide range of chemical metering pumps
  • On-site chemical delivery by Frank I. Rounds Company
  • On-site Supervisory Service with chemical testing and equipment evaluation
Water Treatment Chemicals

Programs intended to Maximize Safety and Efficiency

  • Maintain waterside integrity of all heat transfer surfaces
  • Prevent oxygen pitting in pressure vessels
  • Prevent corrosion, scale and other deposit formation 
  • Control microbiological growth in cooling towers and closed loop hot water systems
  • Control wastewater treatment

Custom designed programs specifically for your system

Water Treatment expert is assigned to your account for on-site testing, sampling, recommendations and maintenance

Beyond boiler treatment – programs are available for your other valuable equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, closed hot and chilled loops, as well as wastewater management!

Chemtex is our partner in chemical treatment

All double wall chemical tanks are equipped with:

  • SDS Sheet
  • Product Info Sheet
  • Emergency Contact Information