Water Treatment

Ensure your new high-performance equipment is started and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications with a single point responsibility with chemical treatment. Frank I. Rounds Company offers cooling systems, wastewater treatment systems and guarantees on new equipment watersides with a water treatment contract.

We offer water treatment programs designed to:

  • Prevent oxygen pitting in pressure vessels
  • Maintain waterside integrity of boilers and related heat exchanger equipment
  • Prevent corrosion, scale deposit formation, and control of microbiological growth in cooling towers

Frank I. Rounds Company utilizes a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with modern, sophisticated equipment to analyze water samples and determine the best chemical treatment program for your systems and for on-going analysis of your current program.

Our water treatment programs include the following procedures:

  • Laboratory analysis of water and deposit samples
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • In-plant monitoring of water chemistry
  • Field inspections of boilers
  • Condensers and other heat exchange equipment
  • Custom tailored training programs for clients large and small
  • Periodic field visits during which treatment levels are monitored and in-plant test logs are reviewed.

Frank I. Rounds Company is partnered with International Chemtex to provide you with innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions. International Chemtex is a Midwestern company instilling the values of customer support, rapid response, and logical, cost-effective water treatment programs. Count on Frank I. Rounds Company water treatment experts, and International Chemtex’s products to ensure your facility will be efficient and “like new” for years to come.