ASME Boiler Repair

Frank I. Rounds is a certified ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) code welding shop holding the ASME U-Stamp, S-Stamp and R-StampThis guarantees the customer the highest quality workmanship in a safe environment. Our welders go through an ASME certified program to prove their skills.  We employ fully licensed pipe-fitters, plumbers, and electricians.

Boiler fabrication and Assembly – The ASME “U” and “S” stamps cover fabrication and assembly of high-pressure boilers, heating boilers, pressure vessels, and power piping. 

Boiler Modifications and Repairs – The National Board “R” Stamp enables us to perform boiler and pressure vessel alterations and repairs.  

Why is Certification important? 

  • Complete traceability of raw materials
  • All welders must be ASME certified
  • All design work must meet ASME code
  • All work tests must be witnessed by an Authorized Inspector certified by  the ASME
  • Customer peace of mind 

Our typical welding projects include:

  • Boiler re-tubing
  • Pressure vessel repair (boilers, deaerators, flash tanks, feed systems)
  • External boiler code piping
  • Spool pieces
  • All makes and models
  • Handhole & Manhole replacement
  • Heat exchange repair
  • Furnace repair