Save on Resources with Water Treatment

Boiler Feedwater Water Treatment

Boiler System Water Treatment goes beyond providing optimal boiler feedwater to maintain the health of your boiler.  You can improve the performance of your operation, conserve energy and water leading to an improved carbon footprint at your facility. Who better to maintain your boiler system’s water treatment program than the experts that provided the equipment?


Water Treatment programs are designed to prolong the life and increase the reliability by preventing scale, silt, corrosion in your:

  • Boiler System 
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Closed Hot and Chilled Loops
  • Wastewater Management 

Why Water Treatment?

A Water Softener System prevents scale to the boiler feedwater for maximum boiler efficiency.

Save on Resources – A Water Treatment Program increases boiler life expectancy, reduces fuel use, optimizes water use and reduces waste. It will also provide considerable savings on maintenance and labor. Installing properly engineered water treatment equipment to treat boiler feedwater will also save a facility money on chemicals. This dual approach will provide a quick payback for the water treatment equipment investment.

Legionella Risks – bacterium Legionella is found in both potable and non-potable water systems and forms best within 77 – 108 Deg. F.  Within this temperature range it proliferates in stagnate or very low flow velocity water (less than 8 feet/second).  A well-designed and maintained biocide program with periodic monitoring will eliminate any microbiological concerns.

A Cooling Tower System is basically a big air scrubber that ends up being a depository for accumulated scale and silt that need to be removed with cleaning agents and inhibited with chemicals specifically designed for the make-up water, engineering and conditions of your system.  

Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Skid System with Chemical Storage and Boiler Conductivity Controller

Boiler systems have specific needs to maintain oxygen, alkalinity, silt, iron and conductivity or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  Here again, we design boiler treatment programs around your make-up water and operating conditions.  Each system has different requirements that need to be addressed to make sure that a well balanced boiler treatment program will help you save water, chemicals and maintain the integrity of the pressure vessels, tanks, steam and condensate piping throughout the system.

Testing Chemicals

Water Chemistry Testing – Understanding your water source and its chemistry is important to know what problems may occur and how to treat them. On-site routine testing of make-up water, untreated and treated samples are monitored, to protect your equipment for a longer life, ensure maximum heat transfer for the best possible efficiencies. Tested at regular intervals and electronically reported back to the customer.  Laboratory analysis of water samples, coupons, and deposits are included with the water treatment programs designed by a Frank I. Rounds Water Treatment Specialist.

Waste Water Management – A focus on the environment and government mandates to reduce water discharge as a result of the process may require treatment of the waste water prior to disposal or reclaim the water for reuse in the process. Waste water reuse often results in a return on investment with water and treatment savings.

There are no out-of-the-box programs for any one application or facility type. Frank I. Rounds Water Treatment Programs are designed specifically for your facilities’ equipment needs. We offer a one-stop partnership from routine testing, equipment, treatment products and more. Contact us for an evaluation.