Re: Underwriters Laboratory (UL® Label)

Are you looking for ways to save your customer money?  Make sure you are specifying “UL® Labeled” units on your boiler room projects!!!   

In today’s liability conscious world, a majority of code inspectors and code officials enforce this standard. 

Shipco offers UL® Labeled units as a standard feature.  Not just our control enclosures, not just our pumps, we label the ENTIRE UNIT and certify that the processes and components used are in adherence to UL® Labeling standards. 

Finally, it is important that you note the difference between “UL® Listed” and “UL® Labeled.”  Marketing folks are good at using words that sound alike, but mean significantly different things.  Shipco offers “UL® Labeled” products, which is the most stringent certification UL® offers.  Visit the UL® website for specifics on their standards.