ECM Technology Pumps Money back in your Budget

End Suction Pump

Selecting high-efficiency pump systems for your Mechanical Room creates a significant opportunity to save money, save on energy, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

Today’s pump manufacturers design pumps with high-efficiency motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) that can reduce energy consumption as much as 30% to 50%. However, they are also manufacturing intelligent pumps with electronically commutated motors (ECM) – commutate means to reverse every other half cycle of an alternating current to form a unidirectional current. Commutations are electronic through the stator in lieu of a stator and split ring rotors with brushes (or stacked carbon steel rotors).  Further, ECM motors have permanent rare earth magnet rotors and are electronically controlled inverters moving a magnetic field. This inverter converts the incoming AC power to DC power allowing the ECM to act like a DC motor which is extremely efficient as compared to the traditional induction/asynchronous motor. This amounts to greater energy reductions and better overall system operation.

ECM pumps are considered an ‘all-in-one’ product that automatically adjust to system demands without the need of external sensors.  With the help of ECM technology, HVAC and Plumbing system appliances have generally realized an annual reduction in electrical consumption by as much as 80%. Typically, ECM pumps have a longer life expectancy because of less wear on the components due to speed control within the pump and only operating based on system needs.

In addition to ECM, vertical multi-stage pump products can be optimized with the use of revolutionary 3D impellers and further provide improved head, flow, and efficiency per stage.

WILO has a complete line of ECM pumps, often referred to as digital communication motors, for new or retrofit applications for your mechanical room.  They are easy to install given their smaller face-to-face dimensions as well as setup through simple push-button technology.  The LCD monitor (USB Infra-Red Scanning Device) can be used to operate by remote control and read data from up to 30 feet away. There are various control modules available for integration to meet the needs of your customer’s building management system.

Electronically Commutated Motor pumps are an all-in-one product that automatically adjust to system demands without the need of external sensors.

33 Pumps installed

Frank I Rounds supplied (33) WILO HVAC pumps to a multi-purpose building campus in the Seaport District of Boston, Massachusetts, supplying water for both the comfort heating and cooling systems.  The job includes (6)Horizontal Split-Case Based Mounted Pumps, (24) End Suction Base Mounted Pumps and (3) Large GIGA ECM Pumps.

As shown in this photo, the horizontal split case pumps are tied in with VFDs working together to optimize the system flow and horsepower by operating only as required for system demand.  

Scott Teller, application engineer at Frank I. Rounds Company says: 

“This not only increases energy savings due to more efficient operation, but reduced wear on the equipment for extended life-cycle operation.”
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) communicate with pumps to operate as needed. 

The workhorse of the mechanical room is the (24) End Suction and the futuristic GIGA ECM pumps, which are vastly picking up popularity in the industry.  The ECM pump is an all-in-one pump that includes the mechanical pump, electronically commutated motor, and computerized powerhead controller. While the cost upfront is 5% to 10% more than traditional pump used with VFD, the payback can be as little as 1 year and the enhanced operation of your heating, cooling, and condenser water systems can reduce energy usage immediately to accelerate payback and overall system operation. And these pumps may qualify for utility rebates and/or incentives too.

WILO sets themselves apart

There are many manufacturers of pump products, so how does WILO differentiate themselves? Most pump manufacturers can achieve up to 5 horsepower pumps, while WILO commercial pumps have a broader size range of up to 10 horsepower. WILO backs their pump equipment with stronger warranties with support up to 4 years.  Better yet, WILO helps ensure your pumps operate reliably and efficiently by including a water test kit with each order.  And when you send in a water sample to aWILO lab, you not only get a full report on your water chemistry, but they will extend the standard 4-year warranty by an additional year to 5 years.

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