Venting Solutions

Selkirk ZeroClear is an innovative factory-built kitchen grease duct with a zero clearance rating and integrated chase construction. The 3″ insulated construction provides a 2-hour Fire Resistance Rating and eliminates the need for a separate fire-rated enclosure around the duct. This lightweight design is available in sizes 5″ – 36″ (ID) diameters and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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US Draft Co. delivers pioneering technology for the chimney and venting industry by bringing the solutions necessary for safe, code-compliant design while supplying low-maintenance, dependable products.

With revolutionary advances such as their EC Flow technology and Truline fan construction, US Draft Co. is solving the challenges presented by the next generation of appliances. Frank I. Rounds Company utilizes US Draft Co. solutions for induced draft fans, make-up air, and clothes dryer systems.

Exhaust Fans:

Stainless Steel construction fans for building and heating appliances with ETL listing for all types of heating appliances including Category I, II, III & IV.

  • CBX Stainless Steel Chimney Fan
  • TRV Series Fan with Truline construction
  • T9F Series Fan with Trueline Construction

The Over Draft Control System from US Draft Co. maintains a constant pressure in the exhaust common manifold or required pressure at the individual connector. With revolutionary advances in their stainless steel damper construction, the ODCS takes advantage of the bidirectional pressure transducer and propriety PID technology to rapidly respond to varying manifold or individual system pressure on Category I, II, III & IV building heating appliance systems.


  • V300 Constant Pressure Control with 7” color touchscreen
  • V200 Constant Pressure Control
  • Use: Mechanical draft systems for chimneys and gas vents

Modulating Damper Systems:

  • Connector Draft System
  • Over Draft System

Models PS and IPS are modular, prefabricated piping systems which employ flanged joints designed for both quick assembly and pressure-sealing capabilities. They are usable for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Chimneys and stacks for boilers and other types of building heating equipment
  • Chimneys for industrial ovens, furnaces, and processing equipment
  • Exhaust piping for engines or turbine units
  • Ducting in restaurants for compliance with Type 1 hood requirements
  • Ducting for heated air and combustion products
  • Ducting for light duty pollution control equipment
  • Venting for engine exhaust and other shipboard systems
  • Venting for offshore drilling rigs

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LFSystems Laundry produces exhaust and combustion air products.

Dryer Exhaust

Laundry Exhaust System (LES) maintains a constant pressure in the laundry exhaust system. Designed with EC-Flow Technology™, the LES takes advantage of LFSystems. bi-directional pressure transducer and proprietary PID technology to rapidly respond to varying manifold pressures due to load changes in the laundry exhaust system. Utilizing the Truline™ DEF Dynamic Exhaust Fan and an L-series control, the system can receive a start signal through a current sensing relay or may run continuously.  Learn more

Stairwell Pressurization System

Properly ventilate stairwells in the event of a fire. The Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurization System uses an LFSystems controller to maintain a constant positive pressure boundary in the stairwell, elevator or multi-zoned area by controlling a supply air fan and optional motorized relief damper. Learn more.