Water Heaters

Frank I. Rounds Company is the exclusive Intellihot Water Heater representative for NH, ME, RI and eastern MA.

Save space, save energy and eliminate downtime with our Intellihot commercial water heaters. Our units allow you to conserve space by eliminating the need for redundant heaters/boilers and reducing or eliminating the need for storage tanks.

The i Series and iQ Series water heaters are up to 40% more energy efficient compared to traditional heating methods. And, as a result, commercial properties can dramatically minimize the cost of water heating. When savings really matter, our commercial, tankless water heaters are the smart solution.

Types: Floor or wall hung
Size range: Up to 1.5 million BTU input
Uses: Ideal for schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, laundries and commercial applications.
Fuels: Natural gas or propane
Emissions: <30 ppm

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CAMUS Hydronics Ltd. is a manufacturer of an extensive line of gas-fired copper tube and stainless steel boilers and storage tanks for residential and commercial applications.

Size range: 300,000 btu/hr to 6,000,000 btu/hr
Uses: For residential, light, commercial applications comfort heating and low-temperature process loads. Typically used in schools, commercial buildings, apartments and decentralized facilities.
Fuels: Natural gas or propane
Efficiency: up to 99%
Emissions: Ultra low NOx – up to less than 9 ppm

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