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Deaerators remove oxygen and other dissolved gases in the boiler feedwater including carbon dioxide. Reduces chemical and boiler blowdown costs while protecting the boiler and system from corrosion.

Type: Tray style, spray style, packed column, boilermate, and duo tank
Size range: 1,500 – 280,000 Lbs/hr
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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Type .03 DA atmospheric deaerators are recommended for low-pressure boiler applications. The standard .03 design removes dissolved oxygen to a maximum level of .03 cubic centimeters per liter of feed water. The amount of hot condensate returns influences which design is most appropriate for applications. A single-compartment .03 DA unit is typically used on systems having 80% or more make-up water. Two-compartment design (.03 DA-2C) or two-tank design (.03 DA-2T) that includes a standalone surge tank is typically used on systems having more than 20% return hot condensate.

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Maintain efficiency and prolong the life of your boiler when a deaerator is not practical. We can customize any system to your application.

Type: Atmospheric pressure
Use: Steam and hot water applications
Size: Up to 100 gallons

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The Cleaver-Brooks surge tank products provide additional storage time to handle water volume swings in condensate return to eliminate potential for overflow from a stand-alone deaerator system. Available with on/off variable sped pumping.

Size: 300 – 3,600 gallons
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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Prolong the life of your boiler with Shipco boiler feed components:

  • Condensate Pumps
  • Boiler Feed Pumps or Surge Tanks
  • Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Producers
  • Atmospheric Deaerators and Pressurized Deaerators, including Two-Compartment  Deaerators
  • Pump and Motors Assemblies, including centrifugal, multistage, and low NPSH
  • Specialty Products: Flash Tanks and Flash Recovery Vessels, Blowdown Separators,   Discharge Chemical Feed Units, Glycol Fill Tank or Seal Flush Unit

Condensate Return System helps to improve energy efficiency, reduce chemical costs, reduce make-up water costs, reduce sewer system disposal costs, and meet environmental regulations by returning condensate back to the system. Stainless Steel Vertical and flange mounted centrifugal pumps.

Design: Simplex or Duplex / Single or 3-phase design
Size range: 12-135 gallon capacity
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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