Water Treatment

We use the largest independently owned producers of specialty water treatment chemicals and services in the United States.

Our wide array of products help our customers protect their water-using equipment in commercial buildings, hospitals, universities and industrial facilities.

  • Boiler water sludge conditioners and dispersants
  • Sulfite-based and volatile oxygen scavengers
  • Alkalinity builder adjuncts
  • Neutralizing and filming amine return-line treatments
  • Boiler water antifoams
  • Solid products for convenience and safety

Ensure your boiler system equipment operates with optimum water quality and learn more about what’s entailed in our Water Treatment Service Program.

Cleaver-Brooks Water Treatment line includes water softeners that remove water hardness through ion exchange preventing scale buildup on heat transfer surfaces while maintaining peak boiler efficiency.

Removing hardness also reduces the need for expensive chemical treatment to control scale. Water softeners are available in package design for virtually any commercial or industrial application. A water softener is recommended whenever raw hardness exceeds 1 ppm. Water softeners are available for boilers of all sizes, including multiple boiler applications, steam or hot water. Models SMR and FMR Available in single-, twin- or triplex tank designs and include resin tank(s), brine tank, face-piping, diaphragm valve nest and cycle controller. They feature carbon steel tanks with epoxy lined interiors and utilizes water-activated diaphragm valves and an electronic controller.

Size range: From 15,000 to 1,200,000 grains exchange capacity
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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Dealkalizers can remove more than 90% of the bicarbonate alkalinity in a softened water supply. High alkalinity contributes to boiler foaming and carryover as well as excessive blowoff rates. Besides improving water chemistry in the boiler, lowering alkalinity reduces formation of carbon dioxide in the system, which is the major cause of condensate piping corrosion. For steam and hot water applications.

Size range: From 10,000 to 1,000,000 grains capacity
Use: Steam and hot water applications
Flow rates: from 2 to 500 gpm
Tank sizes: From 9” to 72”

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Filtration systems remove particulate and dissolved impurities from the make-up water. Cleaver-Brooks Series FBF and FBS water filters can treat for sediment removal, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide removal, acid neutralization, and chlorine removal.

Size range: From 50,000 to 100,000 grains capacity
Use: Steam and hot water applications
Flow rates: from 2 to 800 gpm
Tank sizes: From 10” to 120” diameter

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Cleaver-Brooks chemical treatment systems treat boiler feedwater, as well as steam and condensate where an extra measure of protection against corrosion and scaling is required.

  • Chemical water treatment is critical to all steam and hot water applications
  • Helps protect steam or hydronic equipment and piping system against corrosion and scale
  • Packaged unit for easy installation

Size range: For any boiler size
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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  • Blowdown prevents buildup of harmful solids in steam boilers
  • Blowdown helps maintain boiler water level safety controls
  • Built-in Aftercooler protects wastewater disposal systems
  • Compact Blowdown Separators — ASME Section VIII 250 psig tank design
  • Blowoff Tanks for specific applications and ASME code requirements

Cleaver-Brooks model BDS blowdown separators and model BDT tanks use a safe, proven, economical flash purification process for facilitating blowdown effectiveness and disposal.

Use: Steam boilers
Pressure: Up to 1,600 psig available

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