Heat Recovery

Armstrong Fluid Technologies offers fully integrated, variable speed solutions that will cut your energy costs dramatically.  The cost differences are so large that “energy obsolescence” has become a competitive issue.  Your existing HVAC system will cost more to operate and put you at a disadvantage compared to facilities using upgraded systems.

Armstrong HVAC retrofit solutions are applicable to both new and old buildings, at the lowest installed cost.  Armstrong draws on advanced technologies and proven efficiencies that will deliver the energy savings to support your hurdles to meet ROI targets and achieve a fast payback period. 

Armstrong also carries a full line of commercial and industrial pumps, and hydronic accessories. 

Frank I. Rounds Company supplies the following Armstrong products to support your boiler system:

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Plate Concepts, Inc. is an American supplier of plate and frame heat exchangers. They offer a wide range of plate heat exchanger sizes and configurations for your liquid to liquid cooling, heating, and heat recovery requirements. Special plate heat exchanger designs are also available for handling viscous products and fluids with suspended solids as well as for steam heating, vapor condensing and vaporizing duties.

Cleaver-Brooks offers a line of custom-engineered boiler economizers for boiler sizes up to and including 150 MMBtu/hr. input. Fuel economizers are available for firetube boilers up to 2200 HP. Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by recovering waste heat or steam and put it back into the system.

  • Stack economizer
  • Condensing economizer
  • Flash tank heat recovery
  • Blowdown heat recovery system
  • Heat recovery steam generator
  • Waste heat boiler

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