Boiler Feed, Recovery Systems & Accessories

Removes oxygen and other dissolved gases in the boiler feedwater including carbon dioxide. Reduces chemical and boiler blowdown costs while protecting the boiler and system from corrosion.

Type: Tray style, spray style, packed column, boilermate, and duo tank
Size range: 1,500 – 280,000 Lbs/hr
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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Type .03 DA atmospheric deaerators are recommended for low-pressure boiler applications. The standard .03 design removes dissolved oxygen to a maximum level of .03 cubic centimeters per liter of feed water. The amount of hot condensate returns influences which design is most appropriate for applications. A single-compartment .03 DA unit is typically used on systems having 80% or more make-up water. Two-compartment design (.03 DA-2C) or two-tank design (.03 DA-2T) that includes a standalone surge tank is typically used on systems having more than 20% return hot condensate.

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Maintain efficiency and prolong the life of your boiler when a deaerator is not practical. We can customize any system to your application.

Type: Atmospheric pressure
Use: Steam and hot water applications
Size: Up to 100 gallons

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The storage you need to handle volume swings in condensate returns.

Size: 300 – 3,600 gallons
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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Prolong the life of your boiler with Shipco boiler feed components:

  • Condensate Pumps
  • Boiler Feed Pumps or Surge Tanks
  • Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Producers
  • Atmospheric Deaerators and Pressurized Deaerators, including Two-Compartment  Deaerators
  • Pump and Motors Assemblies, including centrifugal, multistage, and low NPSH
  • Specialty Products: Flash Tanks and Flash Recovery Vessels, Blowdown Separators,   Discharge Chemical Feed Units, Glycol Fill Tank or Seal Flush Unit

Helps to improve energy efficiency, reduce chemical costs, reduce make-up water costs, reduce sewer system disposal costs, and meet environmental regulations by returning condensate back to the system.

Design: Simplex or Duplex / Single or 3-phase design
Size range: 10, 15, 25, 35 gallon capacity
Use: Steam and hot water applications

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