New Pump Offering

Is space an issue?  Shipco has altered the design on most of the AWF multi-stage pump series so that it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. This new style will save you even more floor space in your already tight boiler rooms. The new version of the AWF pump will be called the AWF-B.  It is a boxed version that is placed on the pump so it can be mounted horizontally from the tank suction piping with no elbow bend.  It can also be mounted in the vertical position. Please be on the look out for literature on the web and see the photo below.

 As always, a Griswold Automatic Flow Control valve with a spring range of 8-128 psig will be supplied on all AWF and AWF-B pumps. In some cases, based on operating conditions, we will supply two or three just to make sure you have no warranty issues.

Shipco Pump AWF