Modernizing a Steam System

Firetube Boiler System
Correctional facility Modern Steam boiler

An older central steam plant is generally inefficient and costly to maintain. The modernization and replacement of this central system will save energy usage, reduce emissions and in the end own a system easier to maintain. The steam equipment supplies the heating and hot water needs for a correctional facility

The latest technology

Frank I. Rounds Company furnished a complete highly efficient new steam system that consisted of quantity three (3) Cleaver-Brooks 800 HP, Model CBEX high-pressure steam boilers and associated auxiliary support equipment.

Modern Controls

A state-of-the-art Cleaver-Brooks Hawk boiler/burner management control keeps the boilers operating at peak performance with precise fuel-to-air ratio control saving on energy usage. The Hawk features the latest innovations including remote boiler monitoring, lead-lag capability, alarms and reporting.

The project was engineered and designed by Architectural Engineers, Inc. in Boston, MA. After the equipment was installed by Arden Engineering & Constructors, LLC from Pawtucket, RI, we at Frank I. Rounds Company successfully started and fully commissioned all the equipment to bring the project to a successful conclusion for all parties involved.