Minimize Feed/ Condensate System Downtime

Are you providing the maximum amount of “back up” options to your customers? All condensate units manufactured by Shipco have a separate control circuit for each pump and motor. That means one starter, one float switch, and one control circuit transformer for each pump.  When a user needs to shut off a pump to work on the mechanical seal, the system will still run.  Why have two pumps if you cannot utilize one as a back up?  When the inevitable “down time” occurs, Shipco provides an effective and practical solution to keep your customer’s system operating.  In fact, add a Shipco  bronze butterfly isolation valves to really make this option effective.  That way your customer doesn’t have to drain their receiver when working on their pumps. 

NO separate control circuit is standard on Shipco boiler feed units due to the wiring between the boiler level controllers and the pumps. On a boiler feed unit, if the pump #1 goes down for servicing, all the power to run the alarms, pump cut-off, and make-up water will NOT work without this feature. (i.e., the “Control Circuit”)

All boiler feed units SHOULD be ordered with a CCD switch!  A Control Circuit Disconnect allows any pump to be worked on and allows all the controls and city water make-up to work while any pump is being serviced.  For a nominal adder, your customer will get a quality product and one that is functional at all points of operation.