Lined and Insulated Tanks

Are you aware Shipco will line our steel tanks with a high quality Plasite # 7156 lining?  Moreover, we are able to make the tank in 304L or 316L  Stainless Steel for about the same cost.  What’s more, Shipco is able to insulate your unit with either a polyurethane vinyl jacket or a fiberglass metal jacketing to provide an additional advantage of safety and retaining heat loss. 

Shipco is able to meet HEI standards for our deaerators.  What is HEI?  HEI or “Heat Exchanger Institute” and their standards require units to be supplied with the following: radiography, stress relieving, post weld heat treatment, liquid dye tests, and additional material thickness over code, usually 1/8” thickness.

 Finally, all Shipco deaerators have at least 1/16” thick corrosion allowance over code as standard.