It’s Boiler Season: Are you Ready?

Boiler Training

It’s about that time when boiler operators are dusting off secondary boilers and preparing for alternate fuel sources to gear up for the winter season.
Let Frank I Rounds’ experienced service team take the stress out of your boiler room preparations. We will perform a safety check and combustion tuning to ensure your operating effectively for your facility.

At the start of the season, consider these tips:

  • Maintain a boiler log to track operating conditions and help you better diagnose and correct issues before they become serious 
  • Walk around your boiler to check for obvious problems like cracks or leaks 
  • Check all safety controls and valves for proper operation including inspecting and cleaning the low-water cut-off
  • All pressure and temperature gauges should be checked for proper operation and replaced if necessary. 
  • Have your service partner perform a burner cleaning and complete tune-up for maximum combustion efficiency 
  • The boiler’s fireside should be cleaned of all deposits.  Fireside surfaces with buildup can cause low fuel efficiency and result in overheating. 
  • All fans and pumps should be lubricated and checked for proper operation. 
  • When operational, all steam traps should be checked for proper function. Leaky steam traps will result in energy loss. 
  • When a boiler is first brought online, it’s typical for condensate iron levels to be higher due to surface corrosion in the piping going back to the boiler. Increase boiler blowdown will prevent deposits on the boiler tubes. 

Contact our service department to schedule a tuning.