Industry Standard Pump Motors

Are you aware that Shipco is the ONLY manufacturer of condensate equipment that uses industry standard motors on all of our pump designs? 

This feature clearly makes the job of maintenance personnel easier.  No more having to pay for overpriced motors or waiting 6-8 weeks for special motors with shafts that need custom machining. With Shipco,  you can be up and running again in hours.  Shipco’s industry standard means you can purchase a replacement from any local motor dealer or motor repair shop. 

 Consider the reality of being down especially for hospitals or any critical process application where every hour can be thousands of dollars $$$.  In addition, if for any reason you can’t get the motor locally or don’t want the hassle, call us and we’ll work with you to get the replacement you need.  Just another reason to specify Shipco. 

Shipco and Frank I. Rounds Co. — Putting the “custom” in Customer!!!