Increase Efficiency and Reduce Fuel Usage with a Boiler Retrofit

Frank I Rounds Company Boiler Retrofit

When your boiler’s pressure vessel is in good condition, but operating with an aged burner and outdated controls technology, you have a real opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs and emissions. With tired burner components and outdated technology comes higher excess air and lower combustion efficiency.

Frank I. Rounds Company, your local factory authorized sales and service agent for Cleaver-Brooks, can optimize the performance of your boiler to today’s technology with a Pro-Fire high-turndown burner and an Advanced Hawk control retrofit.  The advantage of retrofitting with Cleaver-Brooks genuine components is that their products are engineered to work together to deliver maximum efficiency, reliability and safety for your boiler system.

High-turndown Burner

Increasing the boiler turndown rate will increase energy savings and reduce maintenance. A high-turndown burner can operate at lower firing rates and reduce on-off cycling allowing the burner to consistently run at its most efficient point. Each on-off cycle is followed by a purge cycle, which is when a large volume of air passes through the boiler resulting in heat escaping out of the stack. Depending on your boiler system, replacing an old burner can reduce fuel usage by 5 to 10 percent.  To put that in real dollars, how would a 5-10% fuel reduction look on your utility bill?

The Cleaver-Brooks Pro-Fire line of burners can accommodate most applications with sizes ranging from 0.4 to 16.8 MMBTU input.  These high-efficiency, low to ultra-low emission burners are capable of NOx levels less than 9 ppm depending on the burner and application, which is necessary for many areas to comply with current emission regulations, or simply get ahead of future regulations.

Advanced Controls

Integrate the Cleaver-Brooks Advanced Hawk to create opportunities for measurable efficiency increases and fuel cost reduction.  Some of the control features that contribute to these efficiency gains include:

Parallel Positioning – replacing a boiler that has an outdated linkage jackshaft system with an integrated fuel-air ratio control that has dedicated actuators for the fuel and air valves to deliver a more precise fuel and air mix.  Parallel positioning alone can account for 2 to 5 percent fuel savings in a burner retrofit.

02 Trim option – maximize efficiency with an oxygen sensor/transmitter in the exhaust gas for a consistent oxygen concentration. Optimizing the fuel to air ratio will reduce excess air and prevent the burner from becoming fuel rich.

Variable Speed Drive option – enables a motor to only operate at the needed speed to reduce unnecessary electrical energy consumption.  In addition to savings, the second -best result of a VFD on your blower motor is the greatly reduced sound levels.

Lead-lag – sequences the operation of multiple boilers to match system load, which reduces cycling and maximizes boiler operating efficiency.

In addition to these energy-saving features, the Cleaver-Brooks Hawk has remote monitoring and management as well as data trending information related to safety, energy consumption and maintenance. In the event of a boiler system alarm, the control system can automatically notify the operator via email, text messaging, voice mail or an internal communication system.

All of the above, from burners to controls, meet the guidelines for local utility rebates as well!  Frank I. Rounds Company looks forward to helping you file the paperwork and capture the rebate money upon project completion.  It’s a win-win!

Not all retrofits are created equal

When you’re a Cleaver-Brooks authorized representative, you receive specialized training with genuine Cleaver-Brooks products and systems.  A contracted relationship with a manufacturer gains product support and access to engineering experts on specialized boiler systems, fuel conversions, custom solutions and much more. 

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