How Soot Affects Boiler Performance

Frank I Rounds Boiler Service

Boiler care is important to ensure you are achieving proper thermal efficiency. 

Avoid Breakdowns and Repairs

One of the most significant reasons why a good boiler maintenance plan is so important is that it helps prevent boiler-related emergency shutdowns. Breakdowns and equipment repairs can be costly. Boilers are typically indispensable pieces of equipment at most facilities supporting critical processes. If a boiler fails, causing production to halt, every day, hour, or minute of interruption cuts into valuable profits.

Protection Against Safety Hazards

Safety is a top concern at just about all plants and facilities. Not only can an accident tragically injure a human life, but it can also cause devastating structural damage to the facility. Good boiler maintenance helps prevent boiler-related accidents from occurring by safely detecting and correcting potential problems before they can lead to accidents.  To be confident that control and safety devices are functioning properly you must regularly perform required maintenance, testing, and inspection.

Longer Equipment Life

Like anything you own, when it’s well maintained, its life will be prolonged.  If your boiler plant is well maintained, costly repairs and early replacement units can be avoided. 

Energy Savings

Boilers are huge fuel consumers. To maximize fuel usage, it is important that the boiler and burner operations are dialed in as accurately as possible. Combustion checks and routine inspections play an important role in identifying and correcting efficiency problems with the boiler system and can be rectified early. 

The Deeds of a Dirty Boiler

Soot and scale are a by-product of the fuel and air mixture. The buildup of soot can cause corrosion requiring more fuel and reducing efficiency. 

A firetube boiler has tubes that carry hot gases while the tubes are surrounded by water that is heated. The by-product of combustion is deposited on the inside surfaces of the tubes and needs to be vacuumed and cleaned with a brush. 

Check out this video of a boiler cleaning that removes soot buildup within the firetube tubes. Regular cleanings will help maintain maximum heat transfer and thus efficiency.

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