Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers are designed for steam-water, water-water and glycol applications. They are designed according to the counterflow principle for highest heat transfer efficiency.   

ELGE® manufactures two styles of shell and coil heat exchangers referred to as the Type-A and the Type-MD. Both styles are available in multiple sizes that can handle virtually any heat exchanger application from 60,000-to 3,600,000 BTU. The unique ELGE® shell and coil design, used for over 50 years, has proven itself to be extremely efficient and durable. ELGE® heat exchanger packages are so efficient that when used in a steam to water application they will typically discharge condensate as low as 100° F extracting nearly 98% of the usable energy from the incoming steam. When used on water to water applications the water being heated can reach temperatures within 5° F. of the incoming primary water source.


HIGH PERFORMANCE: the unique coil arrangement has a large heat transfer area and high heat transfer coefficients.

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: closely packed tubes makes our shell and coil exchangers compact and lightweight. Small footprint makes it easy to install where space is limited and hard to access.

LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS: corrugated tube design produces a high turbulent flow, which reduces deposit build-up and fouling. This means longer operating cycles between scheduled cleaning intervals.

HIGHER TEMPERATURE DIFFERENTIALS: helical design allows for higher temperatures and extreme temperature differentials without high stress levels and costly expansion joints.

The Type-MD heat exchanger uses a very specialized dimpling process on the copper coil to maximize the surface area for ultimate heat transfer.

Each tube layer is carefully twisted along its axis inside the copper shell maximizing the number of tubes and surface area inside any given shell size.


 MD Coil

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 A Coil

The Type-A heat exchanger consists of a copper coil (battery) within a steel pressure vessel. The spiral wound coil is manufactured from smooth drawn copper tubing with a special oval cross section. This ELGE® design maximizes the total number of copper coils that can be enclosed in a given size shell. In addition, the coil layers are separated by spacers forming flow channels inside the shell. This unique ELGE® design maximizes surface area and heat flow characteristics within the shell making it the most efficient heat exchanger on the market today.