Fulton Expands Vantage Hydronic Boiler Product Line with 4MM Btu/hr Model

Pulaski, NY —Fulton (www.fulton.com), a global manufacturer of steam, hydronic and thermal fluid heat transfer products and provider of innovative energy management solutions, has expanded the Vantage hydronic boiler product line with the addition of a 4,000,000 BTU/hr model.

Engineered to provide the highest thermal efficiencies across a variety of condensing hydronic heating applications, this newest addition to the Vantage line features dual fuel capabilities with natural gas/propane and natural gas/#2 fuel oil configurations. The Vantage boiler is the first condensing boiler to offer operation on #2 oil as a backup fuel, with efficiencies up to 92 percent.

“The #2 fuel oil capability offers an important advantage in those geographic regions, especially large cities, where propane is not permitted in the quantities required for commercial building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment operations,” explained Erin Sperry, commercial heating product manager at Fulton. “A backup fuel source is often critical to hospitals, schools and other facilities located in these regions, so #2 oil becomes an ideal secondary fuel.”

When #2 oil is selected, the Vantage control system automatically loads the correct fuel profile, simplifying backup fuel switchover requirements. This same simplicity applies to natural gas/propane dual fuel applications.

Vantage boilers also offer a low emissions configuration that allows for <12PPM NOx across all operating conditions, and a variable-speed blower motor ensures precise load matching to maintain building temperatures.

The boiler’s high-mass, high-water-volume design uses Duplex steel alloys in condensing applications. Duplex stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance and lower thermal expansion rates, compared to 300 series stainless steels, making Duplex the premier choice for ultra-high-efficiency heating equipment.

The high-mass and high-water-volume design removes minimum return water temperature requirements and reduces sensitivity to varying flow conditions, eliminating the need for boiler temperature control valves. Lower return water temperatures promote condensing of the flue gases and increase the Vantage boiler efficiency.

The Vantage hydronic boiler can be integrated with Fulton’s non-condensing Reliance copper finned tube boiler in a hybrid system that optimizes cost-saving initiatives for both original equipment purchases and payback associated with high-efficiency heating systems.

The complete Vantage product line includes 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 BTU/hr input models.

For additional information about Fulton and its products, or to locate a sales representative near you, please visit www.fulton.com.

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