Frank I. Rounds now Supports Armstrong Pumps

Armstrong Pumps

Announcing a new partnership between Armstrong Fluid Technologies and the Frank I. Rounds Company! 

What could be better than a new high-efficiency Cleaver-Brooks boiler system?  Coupling it with new high-efficiency pumps by Armstrong Fluid Technologies of course! 

Armstrong Pump
Design Envelope 4300 Pumps

Over the years, Frank I. Rounds Company offered complete steam systems – the boilers, deaerator with pumps, surge tank with pumps, blowdown systems, heat recovery devices, etc.  This grew our reputation as the system solutions experts when it came to the design and commissioning of commercial and industrial steam generation plants.  On the hot water generation side, we offered the boilers, which were just a piece of the overall plant.  With Armstrong now available through Frank I. Rounds Company, we can offer you complete hydronic system solutions.   High efficiency, low emissions gas or electric hot water boilers along with: high-efficiency pumps, expansion tanks, air separators, heat exchangers, and more! 

One call and we can help select all major equipment in your hot water generation system.  If you are a design engineer, we can produce the specs and schedule data.  If you are a building owner or manager, we can help with applications and budgets.  If you are a contractor, we can help you optimize your projects for the best overall application and value.   

While Armstrong offers horizontal end-suction pumps, their vertical inline 4300 has the LOWEST installed cost.  No inertia bases, housekeeping pads, flex connectors, and reduces piping requirements.  Not to mention – no field alignment requirements!  So, no additional coordination or costs in the field.

Take a look at all the advantages the Armstrong 4300 offers here.

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