Flexible Coupled Pumps

Shipco offers flexible-coupled pumps known as the “AWF Pump” line.  We have taken our standard coupling design on this pump and have applied it to our entire pump model line (except the Style 106 and 110 pumps). 

This flexible-coupled design allows Shipco to place the Model D and Model P pumps in the standard horizontal position and a vertical position with a flexible-coupled design. 

Remember, with our rigid coupling design on these pumps –NO ALIGNMENT is required!  Shipco  manufacturers the only self-aligning pumps in the steam industry.

Shipco also offers pumps with “mill” and “chemical duty” motors.  We also offer a broad range of other motors utilizing industry standard shafts for applications in hostile environments and special requirements where the competition simply won’t. Just another way Shipcoâ  continues to lead the way in the condensate handling and boiler feedwater market.