Custom Surge Tanks

Are you aware Shipco makes Surge Tanks (make-up boiler feed units that feed a deaerator with continuously running pumps)?  What’s more, they are available in Cast Iron or 304 L or 316L Stainless Steel material.  The cast iron receiver is available up to 500 Gallons as a single tank or more if you yoke them together. The stainless steel option can be done in any size and a variety of thicknesses. 

In addition, we can make our Surge tanks in a Vertical or Horizontal configuration for the same price!  In fact, we can even fabricate them as a triangle shaped tank with model “U” pumps on top if needed.  Who else does this? 

We can offer any Surge Tank mounted directly to the floor! Shipco floor mounted style CS; CS-B; and SHM units are made this way and can be utilized as surge tanks.  No seismic calculations and bracing to worry about,  No need for an extra condensate pump to lift the condensate gravity return.  Condensate will easily flow into a floor-mounted style unit. The surge tank is less expensive in this floor mounted style version than the elevated style.