Boiler Tubes: Avoid Leaky Situations

Boiler Replacement Tubes

Leaking boiler tubes can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost efficiencies, unexpected maintenance costs, interrupted production, or even total failure.  When issues arise Frank I. Rounds has 24/7 emergency service with the most common boiler tube sizes in stock to get you back online fast.  

Boiler Tube Repair

Frank I. Rounds is a certified ASME code welding shop holding the R-Stamp. The R-Stamp is required to perform boiler repairs such as retubes.

While we can repair tubes, we can also supply a  proper maintenance and water treatment plan to prevent tube damage. 

What are the symptoms of leaky boiler tubes?

  • The feed pump is continuously running
  • Feedwater consumption is higher than normal
  • You are showing a low water level

If your system is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact the service department at Frank I Rounds, and we can run a pressure leak test.

What Causes Leaky Tubes

Leaky tubes can occur for many reasons, but the top reasons are tube corrosion, stress corrosion, scale, thermal fatigue, and improper water treatment. 

Tube Corrosion

Excess oxygen in boiler water is highly corrosive, causing pitting that occurs when iron reacts with oxygen molecules. The lower the temperature of boiler feedwater, the more oxygen that is brought into the boiler and the higher the risk of oxygen pitting within the boiler.  Frank I. Rounds offers boiler feedwater mechanical and chemical treatment solutions to reduce oxygen molecules to help better control and maintain your boiler system.

Boiler Scale 

Scale buildup in your boiler acts as an insulator hindering proper heat transfer causing a loss in efficiency of steam production.  A 1/8″ of scale can reduce efficiency by as much as 25%, depending upon the scale consistency.  The FIR Water Treatment Department can help you develop a treatment program to maintain your boiler system.

Thermal Shock 

Simply put, when cold water enters a hot boiler, thermal shock occurs causing a reaction to the boiler and its components.  Damage from the expansion and contraction can vary including leaks or cracks to any of the boiler parts to a potentially devastating boiler occurrence. 

Improper Boiler Water Treatment

Post-boiler commissioning, water treatment is one of the most important steps to protect and maintain the integrity and longevity of your boiler system.  Operating a boiler without a proper chemical treatment program to remove impurities will lead to premature corrosion and eventually boiler failure. 

Contact Frank I. Rounds Co. for a boiler evalation.