New Equipment Owners

No one else can care for your new boiler equipment like we can. A well-maintained boiler system can extend the life of your capital investment by 7-10 years! 

Cleaver-Brooks Steam Boiler System

An ongoing maintenance program provides maximum boiler system efficiency resulting in energy savings and reliable/safe equipment.  Not all standard maintenance programs can fit the needs of your energy system. Ask about our custom Preventative Maintenance Programs to fit the needs of your facility.

Maintenance Programs for Safety and Reliability

A detailed step-by-step process will include the following actions to ensure your boiler system is set up for success to operate safety, reliably and at peak efficiency.

Owner/Installing Contractor – New Pressure Vessel

  • Submit an application for first pressure vessel inspection


  • Ensure power is hooked up to the equipment
  • Water is connected
  • Water flow is established
  • Stack is connected
  • Inspections complete
  • Ensure load is available


  • We will establish combustion
  • Tune burner
  • Test safety controls
  • Commission supporting equipment supplied by FIRCo
  • Generate start-up reports
  • Conduct owner training
  • Provide site-specific turnover package (manuals, drawings, ASME documentation)
  • Begin warranty period


  • We follow the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Typically one (1) year from start-up
  • Call tech who did start-up as the first point of contact
  • Call the service dept at the office as the second point of contact:  800-696-6440

Preventive/Annual Maintenance

  • Mechanical equipment requires regular maintenance for optimal efficiency and longevity
  • Checkpoints include Combustion Controls, Fireside and Waterside
  • Provide the following information to generate scope & proposal for PM/AM contract by your authorized service dealer:

Learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Package.