Energy-Saving Opportunities

Mass Save Energy Rebates


Taking time to investigate potential incentives on capital improvements, regardless of expected fuel savings is worth your time. Frank I. Rounds Co can evaluate your current equipment and recommend the best path to sustainable energy savings and support you through the rebate process.

Redeem incentives when installing new high-efficiency heating equipment and controls. Check eligibility from Mass Save.

Upgrades & Conversions

Whether a new application or an upgrade to your existing system, our aftermarket group specializes in the latest controls technology. We’ll help your boiler system operate at maximum efficiency with the fewest possible emissions. Single point positioning systems can be replaced with more user-friendly, energy-efficient controls to handle changing load and seasonal conditions.


Boiler Controls Upgrade
Hawk Control Upgrade for Increased Efficiency, Communications and Monitoring.

Boiler controls increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs with integrated boiler room controls, SCADA systems, building automation system communications and fuel monitoring. Cleaver-Brooks offers a full line of integrated boiler controls, communication systems, packaged water controls, water level controls and stand-alone controls. Boiler controls can be retrofit on most older boilers to dramatically increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs and decrease emissions

Get peace of mind by monitoring your mechanical room at your fingertips.  The Cleaver-Brooks Prometha serves as a central communications solution to ensure safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable operations.  View a video to get all the details on how it works

  • Notification alerts
  • Prevent downtime 
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Assign roles within your organization 

High-turndown burners

Did you know a 600 hp boiler wastes approximately 12,000 btu’s per cycle? If your boiler cycles more than 4-6 times per hour, you should consider installing a high turndown burner retrofit capable of achieving ratios of 10:1. That means your 600 hp can run as low as 60 hp during lighter loading periods.

Increase your boiler’s operating efficiency, reduce emissions and save on your energy bill. Our aftermarket group can help you pick out the right high turndown burner for your application.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial watertube, firetube or something in between, we can work on a no-obligation estimate and expected ROI for you to consider. Imagine the fuel savings without all of that cycling!

Fuel Conversions

Whether you need assistance converting from gas to oil or oil to gas, we have a simple solution for you. There are many reasons and opportunities to have the ability to fire a backup fuel in case of emergency. Our aftermarket group can assist in selecting the proper conversion kit for your application. Along with each kit comes a detailed engineering diagram as well as an updated wiring diagram. Or, let our service group utilize their conversion experience and install it for you.  

Burner Conversions

Boiler Burner Upgrade / Conversion
Burner and Controls Upgrade for all Boiler Systems to increase efficiencies, reduce emissions and reduce fuel usage.

Let us help you determine if a fuel conversion can save you energy dollars, increase efficiency and reduce emissions for the equipment in your facility. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Did you know that you can currently upgrade your existing burner to a more efficient design with high turndown capabilities, more capable combustion control platform, linkageless modulating controls and keep your pressure vessel right where it is?

If you have wanted to update and upgrade your boiler room but can’t imagine rigging a new packaged boiler into place, perhaps an estimate on a new burner with advanced controls is the way to go.

Give our aftermarket specialists a call, offer some background on your system and ideas, and they can develop a comprehensive plan to bring your boiler room into the 21st century.

We have access to a complete line of Cleaver-Brooks Profire and NATCOM burners to accommodate any size or application.

Boiler Plant Optimization Audit

Your boiler room has a variety of mechanical systems that work together to perform a job for your facility.  The Boiler Plant Optimization evaluation is a free 3-4 hour review of your steam systems in your boiler room.  From pumps to boilers and other ancillary components there is an ongoing opportunity to evaluate the entire system to discover energy-saving and emissions-reduction opportunities.

How the BPO works 

Cleaver-Brooks, a leading manufacturer of boiler systems and solutions, developed a program based on 4 pillars of optimal plant operation: safety, efficiency, sustainability and reliability.  Each of these categories is associated with 243 data points that output a report outlining a methodology to improve upon each one. 

Firetube Farc Upgrade
An outdated Fuel/Air Ratio Controller can be replaced with modern technology to increase efficiency and energy-savings

What you will get from the BPO

The BPO will result in a comprehensive document detailing the current state of your boiler plant.  The report will uncover opportunities to reduce energy and emissions and indicate recommendations for retrofits, rebuilds or replacements.  

Advantages of a BPO evaluation: 

  1. Document the current state of your boiler plant
  2. Identify areas requiring a standard operating procedure 
  3. Promote continuous improvement
  4. Prepare for operational recovery 
  5. Identify potential safety issues 
  6. It’s free!

Frank I Rounds has Certified BPO Technicians

Just not any contractor can perform a BPO assessment. BPO Certification requires hands-on training and an assessment to prove their capability before being awarded the official BPO Specialist certification seal. Frank I. Rounds is an authorized Cleaver-Brooks representative with boiler technicians BPO certified directly from Cleaver-Brooks.  While we are certified from Cleaver-Brooks to perform evaluations, we can review ANY boiler brand to help uncover inefficiencies and identify safety issues.

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