ASME Boiler Repair

As New England’s premier boiler solutions provider, Frank I. Rounds Company supports our clients with a “Total Commitment” approach. We are a full-service boiler solutions provider. Our professionals perform ASME code boiler repair and alteration services for pressure vessels. 

Our in-house ASME code division maintains a high standard of work ethics and a firm commitment to our clients. Whether a simple tube replacement or a major alteration, our team is ready to get your system cost-effectively and efficiently back online. 

Frank I. Rounds is a certified ASME code welding shop holding the R-Stamp for boiler modifications and repairs.

R Stamp Certified
  • The National Board “R” Stamp enables us to perform boiler and pressure vessel alterations and repairs  
  • Convert high-pressure steam boilers to high-temperature hot water or low-pressure steam
  • Change low-pressure steam boilers to hot water use
  • Re-tube boilers, patch pressure vessels, repair or replace tubesheets/manhole/handhole openings/boiler tappings/furnaces
  • Deaerator and high-pressure condensate system patching and repairs 

Licensed Professional Personnel

  • Certified ASME welders 
  • Fully licensed pipe-fitters, plumbers and electricians.
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair

Why is this important? 

  • One-stop solution for any client’s needs
  • In-house staff ready to respond in the event of an emergency
  • Complete stock of ASME tubes and materials for urgent repair needs

Should a boiler repair cause an interruption in your boiler operation, we have boiler rental options to keep you going.

We offer Boiler Sales, Service, Parts, Pipe-fitting, Plumbing and Electrical teams. Frank I. Rounds Company is unique in offering a complete solutions package for your mechanical room needs.