Parts & Service

For the past 80 years, Frank I. Rounds Company has been dedicated to providing quality service to our valued customers. Our experienced staff collaborates directly with the factory to ensure you receive the most accurate and dependable service possible.

Skilled personnel that go beyond general service

Frank I. Rounds Company employs full-time welders and electricians, enhancing our service group’s capability to handle more than just the burner. Our full-time service engineers are available to visit your site and offer suggestions for equipment improvement, fuel conversion, or plant modifications.

Why choose Frank I. Rounds Company for service?

  • Competitive service rates
  • Fully insured and bondable
  • A fleet of fully stocked service vans
  • Safety Committee to ensure compliance with safety regulations
  • Office engineering and product support for field personnel
  • Project management

Services we offer

  • Opening, cleaning and tuning of boilers. Troubleshooting and repairing boiler problems
  • Casting repairs or replacements
  • Power piping
  • Boiler section replacements
  • Non-destructive testing services
  • Deaerator and tank inspections
  • Pipe and valve replacement
  • Handhole and manway machining, weld repairs or replacements 
  • Water wall repairs
  • Refractory/firebrick sales and service to firetube, watertube and cast iron boilers
  • Fabrication of return tanks, condensate tanks and etc.
  • Complete or partial re-tubing of watertube and firetube boilers, heat exchangers, air preheaters, economizers, superheater elements, condensers and tube boilers
  • ASME code weld repairs and alterations to boilers, tanks, kettles, air receivers, vulcanizers, steam absorption unit, chillers, hot water systems and ASME stamped pressure vessels 
  • Plumbing and pipefitting