Boiler Room Optimization Opportunities waiting to be Discovered

Boiler Evaluation
Boiler Burner Upgrade
While we are Cleaver-Brooks certified, Frank I. Rounds will evaluate any boiler brand for optimization opportunities.

Your boiler room has a variety of mechanical systems that work together to perform a job for your facility.  The Boiler Plant Optimization evaluation is a free 3-4 hour review of your steam systems in your boiler room.  From pumps to boilers and other ancillary components there is an ongoing opportunity to evaluate the entire system to discover energy-saving and emissions reduction opportunities.

How the BPO works 

Cleaver-Brooks, a leading manufacturer of boiler systems and solutions, developed a program based on 4 pillars of optimal plant operation: safety, efficiency, sustainability and reliability.  Each of these categories is associated with 243 data points that output a report outlining a methodology to improve upon each one. 

What you will get from the BPO
Firetube Farc Upgrade
An outdated Fuel/Air Ratio Controller can be replaced with modern technology to increase efficiency and energy-savings

The BPO will result in a comprehensive document detailing the current state of your boiler plant.  The report will uncover opportunities to reduce energy and emissions and indicate recommendations for retrofits, rebuilds or replacements.  

Advantages of a BPO evaluation: 
  1. Document the current state of your boiler plant
  2. Identify areas requiring a standard operating procedure 
  3. Promote continuous improvement
  4. Prepare for operational recovery 
  5. Identify potential safety issues 
  6. It’s free!

Frank I Rounds has Certified BPO Technicians

Just not any contractor can perform a BPO assessment. BPO Certification requires hands-on training and an assessment to prove their capability before being awarded the official BPO Specialist certification seal. Frank I. Rounds is an authorized Cleaver-Brooks representative with boiler technicians BPO certified directly from Cleaver-Brooks.  While we are certified from Cleaver-Brooks to perform evaluations, we can review ANY boiler brand to help uncover inefficiencies and identify safety issues.

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