Boiler Room Planned Maintenance and Annual Maintenance/Inspections

Boiler Combustion and Control Calibration

Now is the time to secure your boiler room planned maintenance and annual maintenance/inspections with the seasoned service technicians at Frank I Rounds. 

Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CFC Boiler Maintenance

The PM’s will include:

  1. Clean and adjust burner
  2. Assure positive ignition, adjust and clean as required
  3. Determine response to flame safeguard system for monitoring and safety shutdown
  4. Perform combustion analysis, and adjust fuel/air ratio for optimum efficiency.
  5. Check fuel supply (gas/oil) which is affected by pumps, strainers, gauges, and regulators.
  6. Check reliability of low water cut-off, pump control, operating and limit controls.
  7. Check gaskets on fuel lines, firesides and watersides and make recommendations if needed.
  8. Check and suggest necessary parts for inventory.
  9. Inspect and assure proper operation of related equipment.

The annual cleanings/inspections will include:

  1. Open and clean firesides and watersides (if applicable) of your boiler
  2. Closing and test firing of your boiler
  3. Function test all safeties on your boiler

For your proposal please contact:

Mark Lynas  (781) 473-2328